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CECEMis originated from the NGO Training Project which was operating during the period 1995 – November 2001. The NGO Training Project was funded by 8 International NGOs according to a cooperation agreement with PACCOM. When the funded Project expired, the project team chose to become the Training Department of the Labour Development Centre (LaDeCen). After two years of learning and growing, in October 2003, the Training Department detached from LaDeCen and registered as an independent organisation with its own legal status, namely Centre for Community Empowerment (CECEM). CECEM is a not-for-profit organisation, registered under the Southeast Asia Research Association Vietnam (SEARAV), according to decision number 194 – QĐ- TWH of SEARAV.

In the fields of work that we have chosen, CECEM continuously study the latest ideas generated and applied by other countries in the world, and at the same time we constantly observe and study the contextual conditions in Vietnam. Therefore, those training courses and consultancies conducted by CECEM are continuously updated with new thoughts and practically adapted to the context of Vietnam.

Whatever we do, CECEM put their effort in the design and delivery of the work to make it an enabling process to improve the capacity to work and to learn more effectively for participating individuals, teams and organisations.

Until January 2013, CECEM have conducted over 700 training courses for thousands of participants who are staff members and project partners of INGOs, VNGOs, public organisations at ministerial, provincial, district and commune levels. CECEM have also completed around 300 consultancies for the above organisations and projects.


CECEM have chosen the mission of inspiring individuals, organizations to discover their potentials and be proactive in empowering themselves for better life.


CECEM vision themselves in 2015 as an innovative organization in capacity building approach with outstanding quality of work and high sense of professionalism. CECEM will be evaluated by partners as a leading consultancy in Vietnam in terms of quality of services. CECEM will have started to gain its reputation in the region as a consultancy specializing in capacity building.

CECEM will focus on four fields of work, including Adult Learning and Participatory Training, Development Project Management, Manager and Management Development, and Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises.

CECEM will continue providing public training, tailored made training, and consultancies in the four fields above. CECEM will develop new training courses to provide more advanced and/ or integrated knowledge and skills. CECEM will gradually extend their services to other countries in the region.

CECEM will also manage a number of projects that demonstrate effective processes for capacity building in organisational management, community management, and poverty reduction through capacity development.



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